Recommended Hotels In Meridian, Idaho

When it comes to the Meridian Idaho hotels, they are all fine. However, this article will recommend three of the most popular, superior, and luxurious hotels in town.

           The first is the Brigham’s Rest Hotel, located at 2111 N Main St! It is one of the best places to go if you want luxury living at its finest. Brigham’s Rest is known for its own personal, custom hot tubs in every room. They have an indoor pool, sauna, and just all-around outstanding living quarters.

           The next hotel to recommend is one of the most loved hotels by everyone who visits Meridian, Idaho! That hotel would be the Sterling Inn located at 3315 E Cherry Ln. This hotel is known for having some of the highest quality service anyone could ask for. They are always willing to help their guests with anything they need, and the staff has incredible customer service skills.

           Last but certainly not least on our list of Meridian hotels would have to be The Executive Inn located at 2770 E Cherry Ln. The Executive Inn is another hotel with some of the highest quality accommodations you can find in Meridian, and it is pretty inexpensive too! It is a great family-friendly environment where everyone will be happy and comfortable with their stay.

Must-Visit In This Place

When first coming to Meridian, Idaho, it is good to stop by the downtown area. There are some nice stores and restaurants there that you can visit! Along with those, there is also a nice movie theatre called The Cinemark where they have all the new movies playing on time and some more classic films. In addition to that, there are also coffee shops where you can go to relax or study.

Meridian Public Library is a great place for everyone of all ages to visit! They have books, magazines, movies, and even music for people to borrow. Of course, if you want something specific, they would be more than happy to try their best to find it for you.

There are some pretty great restaurants located in Meridian, one of which is the IHOP. The food here is freshly made and delicious while also being affordable! You can get pancakes, eggs, etc. Of course, do not forget about Denny’s right across the street if you want something more along the line of American food.

Explore Eagle Island State Park

Eagle Island State Park has been a favourite for people who love exploring and being outdoors. This park is home to some of the best fishing spots and trails through the woods that will lead you to a big pond where wildlife can be often spotted! The islands located throughout this pond are also great places to enjoy nature and be one with it.

Head Out To The Boise River

The Boise River is a great place for people looking for something exciting to do during the summer! This spot offers tubing, kayaking, etc. You can even go fishing if you would like! It has some great places where young children can play and have a good time as well. There are many great spots to jump into the water from if you feel brave enough! Most people you see here will be enjoying their day out in the sun at this spot!